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When They Gathered Together

When they gathered together
A circle was formed
Then they ‘sang His High Praises’
All were properly adorned

By ‘The Word of their Testimony’
And the power of His Name
All came prepared
To encourage the hurt or the lame

“Come Holy Spirit’
The Pastor spoke quietly
An elder prayed
All waited politely

Of their Lord’s anointing
All were aware
As His Holy Spirit moved
Upon all gathered there

The Pastor gave encouragement
Another read God’s word
Testimonies of His grace
Were shared and heard

.....Twenty people contributed
That evening hour
All by His unction
His anointing, His power

All were aware
They had five minutes each
Elders understanding and wisdom
With insight, did teach

In under two hours
The ‘body ministry’ was reinvented
Many latent giftings’
Were activated and implemented

.....The whole body
Functioned as one
New relationships formed
The conductor said, well done!

Ephesians Chapter 4 verse 11 to 16

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