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Gate Ways

The 'Passing on' of some of the learning and insights gleaned from Elizabeth's Journal...

Ruthie, my love
Would you please teach me
How to play on my computer

...She was so willing... So we sat together
And I then learn't... What would of taken me 'forever'

We played joyfully
She was quick and astute
'Don't always do what it says'
She said with a gentle rebuke

'How did you learn this?'
I ventured to say
'On my Grand-daddy's knee
When we were on holiday'.

She looked at me
With big round eyes
'He has a lap top'
Then to my surprise
Images of fireworks
Exploded on the screen
Stating 'you have won'
For the first time, this, I had seen.
'Why do you look thoughtful?'
She said very gently
'I'm thinking that your Grand-daddy
Has taught you so beautifully
And I am so blessed
Because you sat on His knee
And what you have learned
You have passed on to me'.

Gate Ways

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