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Manu Morepork

Aunt Agatha
Was reclusive and shy
During her lifetime
She had seen many village people cry

Many allegories she'd written
With 'A Golden Pen'
These were all stored away
In her tree home den.

Her beautiful grandchildren
Loved to sit on her knee
And in the evening
After tea
When it was almost
Time for humans to sleep
They would say to their Grandma
Why do the village people weep?

Manu Morepork
Manu Morepork

When their parents arrived
The children would express
With joy on their faces
And deep contentedness
Mother, Father
Please can we stay
And hear more stories
About Manu Morepork this day

The parents looked delighted
And with a 'glint in their eyes'
Said to their children
Surprise! Arise!
For the stories she's told you
Will open our eyes
Bring comfort, understanding
Abiding joy, make us wise.

…Nanna, Nanna… Please tell us more
So this is THE REASON…
What this web page is for.
Elizabeth – 7/1/2003

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