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A carpenter. Trained by my carpenter father.
The day I met my wife I was told by my Heavenly Father,
"This is the girl you are to marry and you are to win her honourably".
This, some months before I became a Christian,
kneeling alone by my bed giving my life into Christ's hands.
Given a cross in the sky, stark white clearly defined on a background of blue on Good Friday of Easter several months into my marriage.
Fully healed from severe migraine some weeks later, gave my life over to God
in gratitude for the healing.
Went around the world with an evangelist while my wife was having our second child, and became disillusioned with the church system,
but still wanting to serve my God.
The trials and testing intensified until my wife and I stood atop a small mountain on new years eve and spoke to God saying we are being destroyed, and yet we love you above all, and we drew back from the close intimacy of relationship with Him.
Within a very short time,
and while grieving the loss of intimacy with Him,
I was carrying the groceries from the car into the house
and a flood of words came into my mind.
I got paper and a pen, and a page and a half filled rapidly with six lined stanzas calling us back to our walk of intimacy with Him.
We returned and our journey continued.
Forty years have gone by during which I have been through extensive training directly under the hand of God by the Holy Spirit,
through the full control over my circumstances.
Some thirty or so hospitalisations and being unable to work for the past twenty years
have brought me to the present day, where I believe our Heavenly Father is about to show His hand and change the destiny of mankind.
Bringing her into order in preparation for the return of His Son,
this time to rule over all mankind.
Wickedness has increased dramatically throughout the world
and against this backdrop the Glory of God shall be revealed,
to bring the change He requires of His creation man.
And He has been preparing many in the dark places, hidden from view,
going through the trials and testings that will make them able to be used in the turn around of mankind at the hand of our God.
The time of the great harvest of souls has come and I am looking forward to being my part in all that shall now be,
shall take place at the hand of our God to fulfil the prayer of His Son
taught to His disciples
"Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven".
This is the generation that shall see and participate in the answer to
Our Lords Prayer.
Ronald Clive Mason – 12.1.2003
Mathew Chapter 6 verse 10

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