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I The Lord Would Have You Know

Awake My People

My Much Loved Children

To My People

I Have Something To Say For My Church

My Called and Chosen People

My people, my beloved people

I shall open my heart to you

The Laying down of The Foundation

The World Is Becoming A Fearful Place

Hearken All Ye Peoples Of The Earth

His Sons Shall Arise

Though The Nations Rage And War

The Agony & Ecstasy

As Mounting Troubles Surround Our Land

With Ailing Body And Feeble Mind

In Times Like These When Men Grow Old

A Butterfly Went Flitting By

If It Was Left Up To Me

My Lord My God My King My All

It Brings Me Great Pleasure

Bless You Son

Man's Life Is Laid In The Loom Of Time

To You My People